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4 September 2014

"Fire Mountains", Lanzarote

The National Park of Timanfaya is also known as "Montañas de Fuego" ("Fire Mountains") and offers a unique experience. Three-quarters of Lanzarote are covered with lava - the result of about 100 volcanoes and 300 craters. The last eruptions took place in the 18th century and in 1824. The eruptions in the 18th century destroyed several villages and covered the most fertile lands of Lanzarote with lava - a large part of the population was forced to leave the island. Today the National Park offers visitors a spectacular scenery consisting of lava formations with various red and brown tones. The sparse vegetation consists of scattered succulents, lichens and prickly bushes. Various demonstrations show that today there are still very high temperatures only a few meters below the earth's surface - at the most popular demonstration water is poured through a pipe into the ground, creating an impressive steam fountain. A 14-kilometer route ("Ruta de los Volcanes") allows to enjoy the scenery and the area also can be explored with camels. A popular destination in the National Park is the restaurant "El Diablo", which was built by César Manrique and has a grill that works with the heat of the earth. The exquisite Canarian dishes are the perfect ending for a great day between the volcanoes!


1 September 2014

La "Danza del Diablo", La Palma

From 21 August to 8 September the feast "Fiesta de Candelaria" takes place in the village of Tijarafe on La Palma. The festivities give you the opportunity to experience music, folklore and Canarian culture. The highlight of the festival takes place in the night of 7 September to 8 September when the "Diablo", the devil, accompanied by the "Gigantes" and "Cabezudos" appears between the dancers. The "Diablo" is one of the villagers, who is dressed in a devil costume and is equipped with fireworks. The "Danza del Diablo" represents the struggle between good ("Nuestra Señora de Candelaria", the patron saint of Tijarafe) and evil (the devil). This ceremony takes place since 1923 and has evolved and improved steadily over the years. The "Danza del Diablo" also has gained popularity over the years and nowadays it attracts visitors from all over the world. On September 8 the final act of the ceremony, which consists of the eucharist, a procession and fireworks, takes place.

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