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28 August 2014

5 Places to visit - El Hierro


The Garoé is a tree located in San Andrés and it is one of the highlights of El Hierro. The "holy tree" was appreciated by the natives of the island, the "bimbaches", because it provided them with condensed water from its leaves. Legend says that the natives tried to keep the tree in secret from the conquistadors, but a young woman fell in love with a Spanish soldier and revealed the secret. The tree was destroyed in 1610 by a severe storm and the current tree was planted in 1949 by the residents of Valverde to commemorate their ancestors. Today near the tree you will find a "Centro de Interpretación" that explains the history of the tree. The Garoé is located in the protected natural area "Espacio Natural de Paisaje Protegido Ventejís" and a trip to the "holy tree" offers a beautiful view of nature.

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